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Milan Show 2019

The 23rd C.I.C. show will take place on Saturday 7  and Sunday 8 December 2019.

The reasons behind the success of the Milan event are many. Firstly, there is the show’s traditional location. The city of Milan has the great advantage of being easily accessible, served by direct flights from Europe and every other continent.

Its tourism infrastructure and international disposition allow exhibitors, as well as collectors and other visitors, to enjoy a pleasant stay on a variety of levels. Milan boasts a reputation for being a dynamic city, the Italian business and fashion capital, friendly and welcoming. Our show customarily takes place over the last weekend in November, when the city is already geared up for pre-Christmas shopping, just one more reason to visit Lombardy’s capital.

The Marriott Hotel, which has always hosted our show, offers one of the city’s most prestigious exhibition spaces in terms of atmosphere and architecture. The Hotel allows knifemakers and visitors to make use of spaces and services that help to make their time at the show more pleasant, a detail of no small importance.

Displaying a philosophy that goes against grain, the C.I.C.'s Board of Directors has chosen to limit participation in the show exclusively to makers of handcrafted knives. This characteristic, which makes the show almost unique in the world, has given rise to an even greater interest on the part of collectors, who come from all over the world. The quality of the exhibitors is truly outstanding. Not only are the Italian Masters of an excellent calibre, but their skilful juxtaposition alongside foreign Masters makes for highly interesting competition.

What's more, recent years have seen the show play host to an exhibition of collectors’ knives, featuring blades crafted by the founding fathers of artistic knife making (Randall, Schmidt, Moran), made available for the occasion by Italian and foreign collectors, whose generosity contributes to the importance of the show.

With the passing years, all of these factors have helped to create the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes the Milan show stand out, contributing to its excellent reputation.

The C.I.C. Board of Directors


Contact information for booking rooms at the Milan Marriott Hotel
Tel.: +39 02-48521  Fax: +39 02-4852287



Vito  Aquila

Tony Baker

Santino Ballestra

Daniele Barban

Julia Bazanova

Todd Begg

Massimo Bernabei

Sergei Bobkov

Franco Bonassi

Bruno Bruna

Vladimir Burkovski

Lorenzo Caimmi

Paolo Castangia

Carlo Cavedon

Stefano Compostella

Sergio Consoli

Alberto De Carli

Milko Di Paco

Emmanuel Esposito

Antonio Farina

Luciano Ferraudo

Luciano Fin

Celso Fiocchi

Antonio Fogarizzu

Leonardo Frizzi

Marcello Garau

Paolo Gidoni

Roberto Giurisato

Olivier Goldschmidt

Pierluigi Gulli

Gary Headrick

Daniele Ibba

Riccardo Mainolfi

Antony Marfione

JP Martin

Maurizio Mattioli

Vlad Matveev

Walter Merli

Bob Merz

Manuele Messori

Livio Montagna

Socrate Morlacchetti

Attilio Morotti

Michael Morris

Denis Mura

Alexandre Musso

Knives Nozarov

Roberto Ottonello

Giuseppe Pala

Turna Pavol

Mario Peddiu

Paolo Petricca

Luciano Pintore

Piero Luigi Piras

Luca Pizzi

Andrey Polyakov

Flavio Poratelli

Salvatore Puddu

Sergio Ramondetti

Claudio Riboni

Massimo Salice Sanna

Juergen Schanz

Angelo Scotti

Fabrizio Silvestrelli

Simone Tonolli

Reinhard Tschager

Michael West



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Francesco Pachi - Photography

Lame d’Autore - Isomedia Editions

Mercorne - Materials, equipment and steels for knife making

New k Steel - Materials, equipment and steels for knife making

Paolo Aldighieri - Book

Rockblade - heat treatment ovens

Titangrinder - Grinding machines for knife making

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