Milan Show

Next November 28-29 2015 will take place the 19th C.I.C. show

The Milan show meets the public’s approval for several reasons; we will try to list some of them starting from the place it is held.

Milan city has the advantage to be easily reached both from Europe and with a non-stop flight from all Continents.

Its international characteristics allow the exhibitors, collectors and visitor to enjoy an agreeable stay for many reasons: Milan has the reputation to be the dynamic Italian capital of business and fashion; it’s nice and hospitable.

The Marriott hotel, where the show takes place, offers one of the most fascinating hall because of its working environment and architecture and, last but not least it allows both knife makers and visitor to have access to good services which make more pleasant the stay at the show.
One of the reasons for its increasing success, is the “anomaly” of the exhibition. It’s a non-profit organization and for this reason it can aim the top quality without any let-ups which could deteriorate the top level. Among several difficulties, the C.I.C. executive reserved the presence at the show only to custom knife makers and this main feature, unique in the rest of the world increased the collectors’ interest coming from all over the world.

The quality of the participants is remarkable, not only because our Italian masters have an excellent stature but also because the masterly mix with foreign masters enhances an interesting competition.

Maybe for all these reasons, with the passing of the years, a welcome atmosphere marks out the Milan show and gives him the gratifying reputation it enjoys.

The C.I.C. board

Exhibitor list 19º CIC show

Apostoli Vincenzo
Bacchilega Massimo
Balistreri Vincenzo
Ballestra Santino
Ballestra Santino
Barban Daniele
Bennica Charles 
Boeck Sandro
Bojtos Arpad 
Bonassi Franco
Brignone Paolo
Bruna Bruno
Burkovski Vladimir
Calaresu Paolo
Consoli Sergio
Davis Barry
Ebner Johannes
Elias Pietro
Embretsen Kay

Esposito Emmanuel
Farina Antonio

Feltresi Moreno
Fin Luciano
Fogarizzu Antonio
Fogarizzu Piero
Fogarizzu Salvatore
Fogarizzu Gianmario
Frachat Gilbert
Frizzi Leonardo
Garau Marcello
Gidoni Paolo
Glasser Roger
Gobec Stefan
Goshovskyy Vasyl
Grangette Alain
Gulli Pierluigi
Gushchin Oleg
Hansen Shaun
Hara Koji
Headrick Gary
Ibba Daniele

Jankowsky Michael
Lecocq Alexis
Loerchner Wolfgang
Loerchner Elizabeth
Majan Lucas
Marfione Anthony
Martin jp
Matsuno Kansej
Mattioli Maurizio
Merli Walter
Minnick Jim and Joyce
Morotti Attilio
Musso Alexandre
OHTA Hiroaki
Ottonello Roberto
Ouye Keith
Pala Giuseppe
Pavol Turna
Peddiu Mario
Piras Piero Luigi

Pizzi Luca
Poratelli Flavio
Pospisil Alexandre
Puddu Salvatore
Raimondi Simone
Ramondetti Sergio
Rietveld Bertie
Salice Sanna Massimo
Schanz Juergen
Scotti Angelo
Silvestrelli Fabrizio
Simonella Gianluigi
Suchéras Jean- Pierre 
Thomas Franck
Tonelli Cesare
Tschager Reinhard
Tumpek Ferenc
West Michael

2013 show photo report


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